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College Students Need This As Much As Pre-School Students!

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Have you ever looked around you when you are immersed in your books for the entire day? All you see might be just white walls or partitions separating you and your fellow desk-mate from drowning in an endless sea of work in the study corner of your institution. You might not know it, but this habit of being exposed to nothing but work drains us mentally and emotionally - Have you realized after a work day, you become more intolerant and impatient? This is not ideal for a work-life balance and your relationship with your partner, friends, and family!

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Top schools that attract many scholars have a cluster study space that is conducive to studying for the entire day, with facilities such as individual lighting. However, successful institutions which produce successful individuals expose their students to nature and incorporate their lessons (not related to nature) by bringing their students out of class! Here are some examples we can really learn from and it is effective!

1) University of Washington

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People in Seattle love the sun and good weather since Seattle's main places of attractions are nature walks and trekking mountain ridges. These "People", also include Professors. Professors of the prestigious University of Washington have a very interesting concept: whenever they see the weather is good, they will relocate their classes to the lawns, out in the sun so all their students can enjoy the weather and nature! It refreshes their minds and makes their learning threshold increase, enabling classes taught to be more easy to understand and pick up.


2) Canadian International School, Singapore

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A school's primary function is to enable the children to learn effectively and efficiently. Canadian International School has introduced "purposeful play" to promote interaction and hopefully spur the children's brain development and motor skills. Using natural objects from nature to learn basic mathematics and measurements are highly effective and possible curriculum to teach children how to do a practical application. Being exposed to nature and learning has its own benefits, and the children from Canadian International School is definitely on the right track to becoming successful people in the future!


3) Chung Cheng High School (Main), Singapore

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Chung Cheng High School (Main), is a middle school (for teens aged 13-16) located in Singapore. Being one of the national monuments of Singapore, the management of this school has made it a point to preserve the iconic lake as well as to refurbish it from time to time to ensure it is in a pristine condition. Students pass by the lake as they stroll to lessons and the highest floor of the school building gives them a beautiful panoramic view of it! It is a natural refreshment to the mind in school as we get to enjoy this naturally formed lake from the remnant of a WWII bombing! Have you ever seen any middle school that also has a lake of its own in the world? Share it with us!


Management in schools acknowledge the benefits of incorporating nature into our work and life so that we can become more highly effective individuals which can contribute better to our respective fields.

However, not all management is this eco-centric and so, individuals - you and me - have to make a point to introduce a piece of nature into our work desks, or around us that requires little no hassle to take care of! Plants are a good option and also make great "pets" as a form of green space in your home or surroundings! Since we millennials are good at petitions to fight for what we want ;), ever considered petitioning for a more green environment, which is ultimately good for you and me by introducing a piece of nature into our schools! 

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