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Bioweapon Defense Mode in New Tesla Cars

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Tesla cars are already far and away some of the most advanced cars on the market, but that hasn't stopped the company from continuing to make technological improvements. The latest development from Elon Musk and Tesla are what they're calling, Bioweapon Defence Mode, a setting in the Model X's climate control that filters and scrubs even the most contaminated air, leaving the environment inside the cabin fresh and filtered despite any external circumstances.

Ok, so maybe the name, "Bioweapon Defence Mode" is a bit dramatic, but this is coming from the company that included a Ludicrous Speed upgrade for the Model S. And whatever the name, air quality is becoming more hazardous by the day in dense urban cities like Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mumbai, and personal air filtration is becoming all the more important.

A car protecting you from a biological attack is an impressive claim, but Musk backs it up with some impressive testing. According to the Tesla Team, the Model X hosts a massive HEPA air filter that is hundreds of times more efficient than standard automotive filters. Their air filtration system is so fine, that it can remove even the smallest microparticles from dust to pollen and even mold spores and bacteria (that latter of which could be an agent of a biological weapon, hence the aggressive name).

Elon Musk displaying the Model X's air filter

To test this, the team created a horribly polluted, controlled environment around the car and activated the air filter. The filter works pulling air through their massive HEPA filter to increase the cabin pressure, meaning air inside the car is pushed out only to be replaced by thoroughly scrubbed air. It took only two minutes for the air in the interior of the car to go from lethal to hospital sterile.

What's more, after the air in the interior of the car became clean, the surrounding air quality began to improve as well. Of course, one Tesla driving around won't be enough to de-toxify our world's pollution, but imagine a future where all the millions of cars on the road actually clean the air, rather than poison it.

To learn more about the Model X and the Bioweapon Defense Mode, check out their website,

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