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ADI wastes nothing

Posted by Team ADI on

Take a quick look at your EcoQube C, and you’ll see that there is a frosted brace on the top that is different from the thicker, clear acrylic used for the sides. But why a brace? And why is it frosted?

  • Thousands in our community use the EcoQube C to house their Betta fish
  • The brace prevents the Betta from jumping out of the tank
  • The frosted acrylic it is made of disperses the color LEDs, helping it create that beautiful natural lighting effect that we all know and love.

Our goal is to save every EcoQube C owner $11 by building in a beautiful integrated brace that keeps active fish inside the aquarium without the use of a cover.

So what happened to the piece that was cut out from the center of the brace?

At ADI we strive to waste nothing, which is why our manufacturing process ensures that we make the most out of every piece of acrylic that comes to our factory.

We wanted to repurpose these leftover pieces into something useful for you, but without changing the piece itself. That way you can see exactly how it was cut out from your EcoQube C. After some experimentation, we decided to insert magnets into the corners to create a photoframe, just for our backers and supporters!

These are made from very high quality acrylic - the exact same kind you have on the brace of your EcoQube C. You can find similar frames at places like Muji, going for upwards of $10. They were given away to the 500 of our most dedicated backers and supporters.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey to deliver the sustainable concept of aquaponics and sharing this important concept with the people around you.

Kevin Liang
Founder, Team ADI

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