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Installing your UV Sterilizer into your EcoQube C

Posted by Team ADI on

Installing your UV Sterilizer into your EcoQube C

Generally, if you ordered the UV model of EcoQube C, the UV Sterilizer will already be installed in your EcoQube C. However, if you find yourself needing to replace your UV Sterilizer from one EcoQube C to another, here’s how to do it.

  1. First, ensure that your EcoQube C is completely unplugged and each wire unconnected. Remove the glass cover, the Net Pot, and the back, filter cover. Then, remove the Light Array by pulling the support struts out of the two channels, pulling the wire all the way through as well.  
  2. Next remove the two wires secured in the black acrylic. These wires are connected to the pump and the UV Sterilizer.
  3. Unscrew the nut (shown below). Then remove the EcoWhirl (funnel shaped spout on the inside of the tank).
  4. Place the EcoWhirl and the bolt aside. Remove the entire UV Sterilizer unit by lifting up on the elbow pipe that the bolt was on. The elbow pipe is connected to the UV Sterilizer via a tubing, and the UV Sterilizer connected to the pump in the same way.
  5. Now that you have the UV/Pump unit removed, you’ll need to remove the pump of the second EcoQube. Repeat steps 1 - 4 on this EcoQube.
  6. Run the wire connected to the pump (the longer wire connected to the bottom box with suction cups) though the channel and out the bottom until about 75% of the wire is coming out of the bottom of the EcoQube C.
  7. Place your seperated UV/Pump Unit into the new EcoQube in the same way that your removed it from the old one. Press down on the Unit firmly to make sure that the pump reaches the bottom. Ensure that the bolt (either the new or the old) is around the elbow pipe when you place it in, but be careful not to drop it, it can be tricky to get back out.
  8. Insert the EcoWhirl (with the funnel pointing into the tank) into the hole from the inside of the tank. Then insert the elbow pump into the screw-pipe of the EcoWhirl, securing the connection by tightening the nut on the screw-pipe.
  9. Secure the two wires on the notches in the black acrylic. Replace the Light Array, ensuring that your run the wire through the same channel first.
  10. Replace the back, filter cover, the Net Pot, and the glass cover and you’re DONE!

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