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7 Green Tech Products for the Holidays

Posted by Team ADI on

December is here. We've officially entered the second leg of the holiday season and, if you're like me, you aren't even close to finishing your holiday shopping.

This got me thinking... I can't be the only desperate shopper on December 23rd. The last-minute moms and bargain shoppers can't be my only company in this. So I dug around for some up-and-coming green tech products that anyone on your nice list will love.

Many of these products are being crowdfunded now and could use your support!


1. Grasslamp

Grow wheatgrass and a variety of other microgreen plants in your home with the Grasslamp. Created by an industrial designer with a love for growing microgreens, the Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor, and award-winning design.



2. EcoQube C

A closed-loop aquaponics system that is compact enough to fit on your desk. This is how it works: Fish produce waste that is broken down and consumed by the plant that grows from a cube of a chemical-free substrate; that clean water is then filtered back into the tank. The filter never needs to be changed. The water never needs to be changed. It's how our natural freshwater rivers and stream work. This is biomimicry at its finest!



3. Ario

Lighting is part of any healthy lifestyle. We're told to eat right and exercise often, but lighting is often overlooked as an important part of daily life. We're genetically built to function in accordance with the movement of the sun, so why are our lights static? Ario is on a mission to improve your life through smart lighting.



4. Aura

Aura is a smart alarm clock that uses light and your favorite tracks from Spotify to wake you up at the perfect time during your sleep cycle. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock is the most advanced alarm clock hidden inside a bedside lamp. With an optional sleep sensor that fits sleekly under your mattress, Aura is looking to become your one-stop-shop for perfecting your sleep cycle.


5. Biopod

Biopod is an app-controlled, smart microhabitat. Biopod has built-in heat pads, UV lighting, an O2 injection system, and an automatic irrigation system; making it capable of housing reptiles, plants, or an aquarium. The Biopod also includes an HD camera that allows you to view what's going on in your microhabitat via their app from anywhere in the world.


6. Tablegarden HD

Tablegarden HD is a mix and match system of cubes that create a killer and functional desktop display. This series of moveable cubes including a speaker, a plant clock that uses no batteries, a miniature aquarium with four grow slots, a humidifier, a wireless charging station, an LED grow light, a work lamp, a USB block, and a patented grow block that can house any type of plant; which all fit together in whatever layout you want on special stand.


7. Grove

Grove is an intelligent in-home garden. It's a grand system that uses aquaponics to create a bookshelf-sized ecosystem for growing organic fruits and vegetables during any season of the year, no matter where you live. The system is based around a 25-gallon fish tank that pumps nutrient-rich water through two of Grove's grow beds. With the addition of their iOS app, this truly is a smart and automated indoor home garden.


For even more ways to start a desktop or in-home garden, check out this gallery on Mashable.

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