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Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners

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Aquarium plants are a staple to maintaining a vibrant and healthy ecosystem. Freshwater aquarium plants provide natural water filtration in your aquarium, and will keep fish happy and healthy. However, aquarium plants do require additional maintenance and proper lighting to stay healthy. Here's a list of the best aquarium plants for beginners.


1. Java Moss

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Java Moss is one of the most common aquarium plants because of its low maintenance and quick growth. It grows well in any lighting, but grows fastest in medium-high lighting conditions and can tolerate temperatures from 72-90 degrees Fahrenheit. It will extend throughout the base of your tank like a carpet and appear fuzzy.

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2. Anubias Barteri

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Anubias Barteri is another aquarium plant often used by aquarium hobbyists because of its tolerance for any water quality or environment. Their light and nutrient requirements are very low and most fish will enjoy swimming through its leaves. The Anubias Barteri tends to grow rather slowly, growing only one leaf every three to four weeks, and grows best in water that is between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

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3. Amazon Sword

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Amazon Sword is another popular aquarium plant for its attractiveness and hardiness. These plants can grow in most water conditions, but prefer tropical and sub-tropical temperature ranges. Amazon Swords grow quickly, and can grow to take up a substantial amount of your aquarium, but their leaves create many hiding spots that your fish will appreciate.

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To make your aquarium or EcoQube ecosystem healthier and more vibrant, add freshwater aquarium plants. Aside from turning your aquarium into something beautiful, aquarium plants function as natural filters and also provide your fish with safety, comfort, and food. Happy fish are a staple in every healthy aquarium environment.

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