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5 Reasons to Use Aquaponics in Agriculture

Posted by Team ADI on

There are many ways aquaponics applications could reduce costs and provide higher quality products over conventional agricultural techniques. Here are some of the benefits:


1. Water consumption is drastically lower than in conventional agricultural farms.

Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than conventional methods since all water is recycled in the ecosystem!


2. It produces both fish and organic vegetables in a single, simple ecosystem!


3. Aquaponics requires a fraction of the energy used in conventional agriculture.

The amount of energy used in aquaponics farms is 70% to 92% less than the amount of energy used in conventional farms because they eliminate the need for fuel and petrochemical fertilizers.


4. Produce grown using aquaponics is chemical free.

There can be no chemical pesticides used or the fish would not be able to survive. Therefore, any aquaponics produce you consume is guaranteed to be fresh, organic, and chemical free!


5. Aquaponics can be used in areas with little water.

Since there is no need for soil in aquaponics farming and water is recycled through the system, aquaponics farming can be used in areas with droughts or areas with little arable land.

So support your local aquaponics farms and projects today!





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