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Behind the EcoQube Filters

Posted by Team ADI on

At the heart of any functioning aquarium is the filter.  Just as an air filter keeps the air we breath clean, aquarium filters keep water conditions clean and healthy.  Our filters in both the original EcoQube 1 and new EcoQube C are no ordinary filters, however.  

The EcoQube 1 has a hang-on-back aquaponics filter that has several benefits over the common hang-on filter.  Our filter requires no priming--adding water to the back of the filter to get it started.  On top of that, regular hang-on-back filters use activated carbon to remove organics.  This activated carbon has to be replaced every 2 weeks otherwise it stops working.  Companies do this to make money, but this ultimately ends up creating more waste and doing more harm to the fish.  On the other hand, the EcoQube 1 filter optimizes plant roots for filtration.  No need for activated carbon!  The main downside of our filter is that it only fits on rimless tanks.  We decided to change this in the EcoQube C.



Take a look inside the components of the EcoQube 1 filter.


Unlike the hang-on EcoQube 1 filter, the Ecoqube C filter is integrated in aquarium. This new filter brings more technology and engineering on board to improve ecosystem health.  We love chemistry here, so here’s a detailed description of the filter’s workings:


The EcoQube C filter is a water filtration device that utilizes phytoremediation where plants act as the ultimate filtration mechanism to remove nutrients and pollutants like nitrogen, phosphates, gasoline, cesium, strontium, radioactive metals, and much more depending on the species of plant used. The filter works simply with a body of fresh water and is powered by an electric driven submersible pump sending reservoir water to the plants.


The filter integrates aquaponics with ultraviolet and photosynthetic LEDs which enables vegetation to flourish by providing consistent levels of debris free, oxygenated water flow through its roots, perfect humidity levels for seed germination, and optimal light for photosynthesis. As the plant flourishes, filters for the water column create a recycling, mostly self-sustaining ecosystem. It's not just a good filter.  It’s also a really great device to grow plants.


Take an even closer look at the parts of the EcoQube C filter.


When we were designing the filters, we were primarily focused on sustainability.  At the core of our filters is aquaponics--a system where the waste produced by fish provides nutrients for the plants, which in turn cleans the water.  Our filters maintain an ecosystem that sustains itself.  Rather than requiring the replacement of parts like in typical filters, EcoQube filters require none.  Everything works together.

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