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Setting Up the EcoQube C

Posted by Team ADI on

Setting up the EcoQube C is a breeze.

First, we removed the aquarium and the electricals from the packaging. Next, we added Origin sand. Make sure you spread it out unless you want a big mound of sand in the center. 

For our decorations, we added a mountain stone.

Our EcoQube C just got really classy.

Then we poured drinking water over the sand, filling the EcoQube C all the way up the rim. Minor debris and cloudiness is normal and will clear up within 3 days.

After that, we made sure that the Net Pot and plant medium are installed and placed all the seeds provided into the plant medium. You can actually remove the plant medium when you place the seeds, just make sure you put it back. We decided to drop the seeds into the plant medium to keep everything in place.

Next, we plugged our power supply cord into a 110V AC outlet (that's 240V for international) and connected it to an end of a 3-way splitter. Your EcoQube C will come with a 2-way splitter, but for our EcoQube C, we used a 3-way splitter for style points.

We connected one end of the splitter to the pump and another end to the LED light. Those are behind the EcoQube C.

We had one extra splitter, which can be used for pretty much anything. Finally, we made sure the water was running through the filter. When you connect the splitter to the pump's end, you should see this burst of water come through. It's pretty intense.

And there you have it! A complete EcoQube C.

And now we wait until the plant is at least 1 inch tall (about 3 weeks old) before we introduce any fish to allow the ecosystem to mature. 

An important tip to remember:

Place the EcoQube C in a warm, dark area. Sunlight is what usually causes an imbalance in an aquarium because it has a lot of energy and can activate an algae growth.


For more information, you can download our Quick Start Guide hereour Maintenance Guide here, and our FAQ's here.


Happy EcoQube C building!

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