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5 Reasons to Grow Your Very Own Aeroponic Herbs

Posted by Kevin Land on

Picture your perfect herb garden. Full, lush leaves ripe for harvesting and the air thick with the scent of mint and basil. Sounds wonderful, but here’s what you might not have imagined. Kneeling down in dry topsoil, arching your back over a pest riddled patch of plants that may not be growing, even though you’ve done everything right. Not so idyllic, right? Not to to mention, all of this is assuming you have the outdoor space to plant a garden and the time to maintain it.

The future of agriculture is not in the ground but in the air and lucky for you, though, you live in the futuristic age of the 21st century, where anything is possible including effortless and effective aeroponic gardening. Aeroponics is a method of soiless agriculture that turns nutrient rich water solution to mist and feeds plant roots through that mist. Aeroponic agriculture is already changing the game on the big scale, and now it’s easier than ever to do the same on the small scale

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be harvesting all your herbs from your very own, home, aeroponic garden.

  • 1. It’s Completely Organic

  • Anyone who’s tried to keep an in-soil garden will know that it’s not just you and the plants out there under the hot sun, there’s also thousands of little birds, rodents, insects and arachnids out there with you, eating your crops, laying their eggs, and trying to crawl up your pant leg when you kneel down. The most common and often most effective way to deal with these pests is chemical control, or applying pesticides to curb infestation. The problem with this strategy is that while you crops may be pest free, they’re now covered in poison.

    On the other hand, one of the many advantages to a home aeroponic garden is that your crops will grow inside your home, in a controlled environment meaning there’s no need for dangerous chemicals that could harm you or your crops

    The organic advantage really starts to shine when you compare your crops to store bought herbs. No additives, no preservatives, no freeze drying or dehydrating. No sad, pale, and wilted leaves, just pure, natural herbs straight off the stalk. Nothing could be fresher but the prince of Bel-Air

  • 2. They’re Healthier

  • In aeroponics, the roots of the plants are only exposed to air and the solution mist, allowing them to absorb exactly the amount of water, nutrients, and carbon dioxide as they need. Even the most carefully attended in-soil garden can provide this level of precision for plant roots. According NASA itself, “Plants grown in the aeroponic systems have also been shown to uptake more minerals and vitamins, making the plants healthier and potentially more nutritious.” And that’s NASA saying that, not me. You know, NASA? The guys who sent people to the moon? They know what’s up.

    Additionally, growing your herbs yourself ensures that you're getting the freshest, healthiest herb possible. Store bought plants have likely been stored and treated with preservatives to maintain their fresh appearance weeks after being clipped. Though they may not look it, these herbs have lost some of their nutritional value and flavor after storage.

  • 3. Bring Nature to your home

  • Mother Nature is the best designer. She’s had millions of years to perfect her designs and they’re still the most practical and the most beautiful.  So what better way to decorate than to add nature to your home.

    Your garden doesn’t have to be a utilitarian herb manufacture, it can be a piece of living art! It’s been proven that adding life to your home or office can make you happier and more productive and with an aeroponic garden, you grow your art twice as fast as it would otherwise!

    On top of that, bringing plants into your home can make you healthier as well. With enough of them, your plants in your home will filter the air you breath, oxidizing it and removing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

  • 4. Save money

  • Photo by Shawn Allen

    Beyond the benefits of health and taste, gardening your own herbs is a great way to save money as well. Perhaps not much individually, but all the herbs you buy in a year can add up to some serious cash. Of course, for in-soil gardening, that money saved doesn’t take into a account the cost of gardening equipment (like top-soil, spades, fertilizer, thatched wide-brim hat with a bow) or the copious amounts of water that must be applied daily. And this is the beauty of an aquaponic garden.

    Aeroponics is the the most efficient method of agriculture ever developed, that’s why NASA is experimenting with it as a way to grow plants in the International Space Station. According to their website, “Aeroponics systems can reduce water usage by 98 percent, fertilizer usage by 60 percent, and pesticide usage by 100 percent, all while maximizing crop yields.” What this means for you is you will be using a fraction of the resources to grow bigger and healthier plants.

  • 5. Save the planet

  • Earth’s population is growing exponentially and the natural resources that we’ve depended on for so long are disappearing faster than ever. If we are to feed every mouth in the future a paradigm shift must take place in the way we think about agriculture

    Ok, so maybe one herb garden, no matter how sustainable it is, can save the planet. But soilless agriculture like aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics can. Think global, act local. That’s the saying we’ve all been taught and now it’s easier than ever to apply it to soiless agriculture. Your home aeroponic garden might be a small drop in a big bucket, but every drop counts, and with enough like minded sustainable gardeners, you really can save the world. To find out more about products that make use of such innovations, visit

  • Kevin Land, Team ADI

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