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4 Unbelievable Ways Indoor Plants Keep You Healthy

Posted by Celine Kate from EcoQube on

Today's generation might never know how much people in the 60's enjoy adorning their houses with potted plants dangling and sitting in every corner. As the time progresses, technology replaced the love for horticulture and gardening.

If you're thinking of ditching your grandma's mother-in-law's tongue or your mom's kitchen cactus, think again.

Playing a big role in decorating your home to make it a cozier haven, plants do have this charm that makes them ideal for any type of living. Whether you're a student trying to fit yourself in a window-challenged dorm, or a homemaker- you might want to save a spot for indoor greens.

Here are unbelievable ways indoor plants can actually help you stay at the peak of health.

 Indoor Plants Keep You Happy


If you are feeling a little down and feeling bluer than blue, greens are actually a great way to boost your mood.

Numerous studies have proven the plant's ability to minimize stress and negative thinking, easing emotional and mental fatigue. It also increases your productivity and clears your brain fogs.

Getting a piece of nature on your own living room can liven up your mood and increase your cortisol levels.

A study by Lee et al. (2015) proved that exposure and interaction to indoor plants can reduce your stress. These plants help suppress toiling of your sympathetic nervous system and diastolic blood pressure. With that being said, keeping plants indoors chills you better than a Netflix marathon.

Plants can actually be your happy pill. In fact, it can improve your brain's chemistry, bringing positivity.

Another study looked into how people, specifically women, react to the gesture of receiving flowers. Random women are given flowers, including those in the elevator. Every woman elucidated the Duchenne smile, a smile of true happiness.

This is the exact reason why flowers and potted plants can be found near hospital beds- to ease patient anxiety and remind them ''hey, you'll recover soon!''.


Indoor Plants Are Known To Reduce Anxiety


Whether you are moving on from a tragic break-up, nearing childbirth or recovering from a surgery, keeping indoor plants near your touch is a good remedy.

A 2008 study from the Kansas State University studied 90 patients who have undergone an appendectomy and found out that patients with plants in their room feel less anxious and are more positive regarding their recovery.

Another study from Koga et al. back in 2013 explored how the human brain responds to the activity of touching the devil's ivy plants.

After two minutes of stroking the plant and its leaves, the participants felt more serene as stress-activated areas of the brain have their blood flow reduced. Researchers conclude that plants with silky or smooth texture can generate the same ''soothing'' effect.

If you're up to feeling relieved from a long day of work, keeping a houseplant would be such a great way to de-stress!

House Plants Keep Your Air Free Of Harmful Toxins


Forget about those crappy times you've had to stay up all night wheezing and cough.

Houseplants have the ability to clean your air, keeping you from toxic levels of free radicals. What are free radicals? Well, they're caused by air pollutants which consumes your body's electrons. These free radicals slowly compromise your immune system, making you vulnerable to cataract, cancers and even neurological disorders.

But wait, it's not only free radicals you need to watch out for. Indoor pollution can be daunting. Bearing chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and benzene, indoor pollution can weaken your lung function. This starts from the usual coughs and colds, asthma attacks, clogged nose, to serious cases such as COPD and lung cancer.

Indian environmental activist Kamal Meattle mentioned how indoor plants have helped him survive his lung disease seventeen years ago. In his talk at TED 2009 entitled ''How To Grow Fresh Air', Kamal discussed how three houseplants can effectively filter your indoor air. With the help of three plants: Mother-In-Law's Tongue, Areca Palm and Money Plant- air breathability is purified.

Say goodbye to asthma attacks, persistent cough, runny nose and the feeling of being sick and fatigue!


Plants Boost Your Productivity


If you find yourself slacking and wasting time on nothing, it's time to revamp your office or your desktop.                         -                                                                                

A study from Dr. Chris Knight and his group of psychologists was published in The Guardian, exploring how plants can liven up the workspace. This study headed by Knight from the Exeter University revealed that employees become 15% more productive when their boring workplaces are filled with some houseplants. These employees are seen to actively function, making them even more productive.

But that's not all!

The Human Spaces report spearheaded by psychologist Professor Cary Cooper revealed that workers who work in an office space with plants exhibited 6% higher productivity score. They also have 15% higher wellbeing score compared to offices without a piece of nature.



Plants have undeniable psychological and physical benefits to aid in your health.

They can help with:

  • Increasing your happiness

  • Reducing your anxiety

  • Keep your air clean and free of harmful toxins

  • Boost your productivity

And even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still find plants that require low maintenance!

Having plants in your own home and in your office can be such a relief from a busy day.

Why not consider getting one now?


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