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4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Hydroponics Into Your Urban Lifestyle

Posted by Celine Kate from EcoQube on

Whether you’re 23 and living in your LA apartment, or you’re 35 purchasing your family’s dream home...

Living in the modern urbanized world is living in a concrete jungle. The lifestyle, the cost of living, and the never-ending lifestyle trends can at times be quite too much to handle.

Don’t have the time to go on a vacation, need a new hobby, or just want to eat something fresh?

Hydroponics might be the hobby for you!

Here are 4 great reasons why you should adopt hydroponics into your fast-paced, urban lifestyle:

You Can Grow Your Own Vegetables Indoors

Modern hydroponics allow users to grow their vegetables indoors!

When using hydroponics to grow your own food, you have complete control over how much water and light your plants receive. In fact, you are even able to control other variables such as temperature, humidity, and more!

Because you have control over how much water and light your plants are receiving, you can grow year-round - even if you're living in an area with little to no sunlight.

There are a variety of different hydroponic systems that will allow you to grow vegetables indoors, but each will do a great job of providing you with healthy, tasty veggies on your own time.

Eat An All Natural Harvest

You get to decide which plants you want to grow without the need of any chemicals used for inducing its growth or maintaining its health.

Don't want pesticides? No worries!  

You can grow anything ranging from basil to tomatoes to lettuce.

And if you like growing your own veggies for a perfect steak dinner, or growing arugula for your garnish - then having your own microgreen farm at home is a perfect way to save money.

You'll never have to deal with pricey microgreens with poor nutritional value purchased from the store (yes, veggies bought from the store often lose a lot of nutrition as they're exposed to heat during transportation!).

Whether you're vegan, or undertaking a keto-friendly diet, or just love veggies in general - this might as well be your next big hobby!

Hydroponics Requires Little Maintenance

Hydroponic systems can sit in a corner and grow your own indoor crops for you.

In fact, this wonderful solution to old, traditional farming practices uses 90% less water than conventional farming making it a good option if you are concerned about your water bill.

Once setup, you've accomplished most of the work!

In fact...

All you might have to do afterwards is a simple water change once per week, and add fertilizer if your system requires it.

Hydroponic systems are that much easier to work with compared with traditional farming!

Indoor Plants Are GREAT For Your Health

Did you know that the chlorophyll found inside a plant can be used for recreation?

The plant's green pigment can soothe and calm you (having contact with nature as one of the most satisfying ways to unwind).

Studies from Dye (2008) and Tzoulas et al. (2007) pointed out that promoting health in urbanized cities has become one of the most challenging issues that fazed experts in the 21st century. The so-called ‘lifestyle’ diseases including diabetes, stroke, depression, and anxiety from sedentary lifestyles kill at an alarming rate.

If you can't go on long drives out of town or find it hard to save up for a vacation, your indoor hydroponic plants can help you blow off steam. Whether you're planting some new greens, harvesting your plants for food, or simply kickin' back and watching them grow - you'll find that your stress levels will be reduced.

Studies from Beyer and his team back in 2014 proved that daily contact with nature has a remarkable impact on psychological health, minimizing your risks for depression and anxiety.

Supporting studies suggest that plants and being intimately in touch with nature can actually help relieve diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and eliminate the risks of low birth weight.


The urban lifestyle is not a walk in the park.

Being exposed to air pollution, concrete environments, and everyday stressors can be real bummers. With adoption of hydroponics into your lifestyle, you'll find that you can live a happier and healthier life.

Life’s chill!

What're your thoughts on hydroponics?

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