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3 Plants to Pair With Your EcoQube Air

Posted by Team ADI on

If you've been keeping up with our recent product launch, you’ve seen the sleekness of the EcoQube Air, which incorporates an enclosed greenhouse that makes it easy to watch the growth of your plants. The greenhouse simultaneously provides an optimal controlled environment for the plant.



However, you may be uncertain about what plants you want to grow in your Air, and that’s where we come in.

There are so many options and ways to get creative with your Air, but we’ve chosen three of our favorite beautiful plants to pair with your Air. This is living decor at it’s finest.

[NOTE: Do not put soil in your EcoQube Air] Only put hydroponically grown plants in the EcoQube AIR. Soil will damage and destroy your pump.

1. Kokedama: This delicate and trendy Japanese plant will surely add an artistic dimension to your Air.They are grown in a ball of soil covered with moss, allowing it to rest nicely on its own. Pick a few more up if you want to take a shot at creating your very own kokedama garden.  We’re working with a professional kokedama  plant grower that will ensure that you get the best quality.

Image Source: KodamaForest on Etsy

See the etsy shop here:

2. Green Onions: For a more functional, edible option we recommend Green Onions. Green onions have an almost unlimited amount of uses (just cut off the tops or amount you want to use and wait until they grow back). They're also very easy to grow. Green Onions can be grown from seed or for extremely fast results, spliced in. They taste great in soups, salad, and pair well with most dishes.

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Get your green onions at your local grocery store or farmer's market!
*Make sure they have roots still :-)

3. Scheflerra: A flowering plant native to the island of Taiwan, the scheflerra is a popular houseplant. It is commonly nicknamed the “green umbrella plant,” featuring bunches of deep green ovular leaves. It requires just a little bit of indoor gardening to maintain. Whether you choose a kokedama or regular plant, make sure there is no soil in your EcoQube Air.

Image Source:

These also come in the Kokedama, that are custom made for the EcoQube AIR.

Get your scheflerra plant here:

Share with us and the ADI community any other plant recommendations you have by commenting below!

Happy decorating!

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