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What plant/seeds do I put inside the netpot of the aquaponics filter for best filtration?

Basil seeds or mint seeds placed inside soft spongy material will do very well. Genovese basil is our
personal favorite. It makes the area smell nice!

Few things to keep in mind:
1. It’s okay if the sponge is synthetically made, just make sure there will not be soap or chemicals
that will leach into the water.

2. Insert the sponge into the net pot and secure ~5 seeds by inserting them sparsely into the holes
of the sponge.

3. Make sure a part of the sponge is all the way at the bottom of the net pot to ensure the sponge
and bring water up to the seeds.

A pack of several hundred seeds and a sponge in most parts of the world will cost less than $3.

What fish food would work the best?

As an alternative to natural fish food, high protein small pelleted fish food work the best. In the US, a off
the shelf product we like is the: new life spectrum small fish formula

If you can’t find anything similar, as a plan C, regular flaked fish food will work as well as long as it is
crumbled up to fit into your fish’s tiny mouth.

Note: make sure you don’t feed more than what the fish can eat within 10-15 seconds!

What livestock work the best?

Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish are widely available all over the world. They’re extremely tough and
have extremely vibrant colors. Perfect for any beginning ecosystem keeper. Including a small snail will
also help keep the ecosystem nice and tidy.

If you’d rather keep a group of smaller fish, you can find a local store that sells Zebra danios or white
cloud mountain minnows as they would both do very well in a unheated small aquarium.

What aquarium plants would be good in the ecoqube?

We love a low maintenance ecosystem so we love low maintenance aquarium plants like:

Cryptocryne parva

Anubias nana petite

Java fern

Or any other aquarium plant that have the words: Cryptocryne, anubias or fern. Local fish stores around
the world should have access to these plant species.

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