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EcoQube Update 2!

Posted by E- dizzle on

Hey Everybody!

Great news! After visiting our manufacturers, we were able to fix most of the issues that we found with the production sample of the EcoQube and are on track to making our first shipments by the end of October!

We’ve accomplished a lot these past two weeks and are excited to share about how we’ve improved the product. Listed below are some of the modifications we’ve made:

1) We changed the finish of the plastic on the filter to a beautiful black matte finish, which prevents the filter from getting scratched and makes it very easy to clean and wipe away any algae that may sprout up.

Here is what it looked like before:

Filter Before.jpg

Filter Before 2.jpg

We adjusted the angle of the mold to mediate the gap that you see as much as possible.

Mold Adjustment.jpg

We tried out many different finishes.


Finishes 2.jpg

2) We were able to source out a 3M adhesive product (typically used for aerospace applications!) and apply it to the seams of the filter to avoid using glue that can get messy or wear off over time.

Before, we tried using silk prints to cover the glue marks (definitely did not meet our standards).

Silk Prints.jpg

Adhesive 2.jpg

3) We adjusted the way in which the LED light is held by installing a tight rubber piece that automatically holds the light in place. This makes adjusting the height of the light extremely quick and simple when your plant grows up!


4) The mold for our light had some issues with bubbles caught at the end. We made many adjustments and experimented many times until all the air bubbles disappeared! We learned that getting the right temperature to ensure evenness of the plastic while it’s shot into the mold is key to producing better results.

Changing the mold for the light (can you see the shape?):

Light Mold.jpg

The bubbles:


4) We strengthened the water flow and reduced the noise of the pump with an additional piece that we installed to cover the pump.

Water Flow.jpg

And here’s what the filter looks like now!

Filter Black Matte.jpg

And here are the lighting effects you all asked for!

After successfully remediating most of the issues, we’re now working on the following:

- Packaging and instructions

- Testing the manufactured version of the product further to make sure the assembled parts (with adhesives) are as durable as we want them to be in water

- Making sure the wires are all tucked in

- Finalizing warning labels

We’ve just learned more about how much different manufacturing is than prototyping. Every day that passes, our respect for the things around us only grows exponentially. Thank you all so much for your support! We wouldn’t be on this journey without you! As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

And an especially big shout out to Andy Pecota!

Andy P.jpg

Best Regards,

Team ADI

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