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EcoQube Update!

Posted by E- dizzle on

Hi Everyone!

We have a lot to update you about! Things have been pretty hectic as always, but we’ve made tons of progress so far and have some exciting news to share with you all!

We’re currently in the process of setting up our new warehouse in San Diego, which will serve as a storage place for inventory and a distribution center to ship the EcoQube and all its add-ons to you! It was a lot of heavy lifting and hauling during move-in, but we managed to transport all of our supplies and equipment this past Sunday. Now, we’re working to gather all the components of the EcoQube, including packaging, pumps, instructions, fish, driftwood, soil, and much more.



The tooling is finished, and the production model of the EcoQube arrived a week ago. The first sample was intact and functioning.There are only a few minor details that need to be tweaked with regard to the design and construction of the product.

We’ve been working extremely hard to follow through with our vision of creating a unique and gorgeous package, but after consulting with professionals and trying to create our “perfect” packaging, we’ve come to the realization that with low volumes, and now with limited time, we won’t be able to get the packaging rendered exactly the way we want it to be.

Ideal packaging:

packaging 1.jpg

The best we could do:


Fun fact: In the process of learning about how to package a product, we actually learned that one of the many reasons why iPhones are made in China is because their packaging material (the gorgeous matte finished boxes) are made with 80%+ manual labor. Each one of those boxes we throw away can cost up to $8 EACH!

As a result, we’ve decided to go back to a more conventional box packaging. But of course, since we are perfectionists, we worked our butts off to make it as gorgeous as the EcoQube itself:

2d packaging (1).jpg

In the process of unpacking the aquarium and setting it up, we noticed several minor details of concern in user experience and aesthetics as listed below:

1. There is a small gap between the filter and its cover. This is likely due to the change of magnets on the filter cover, as we were unable to purchase the previous magnets that had worked in quantity.

2. We found that it was a bit difficult to install and adjust the light on the filter. Since we are changing the packaging, we will pre-install the light onto the filter and secure the wires that make it hard to adjust. The tightness of the rubbers will also be modified.

3. Similar to the situation with the magnets, we had trouble finding 12 volt DC pumps (which is much safer and can be used internationally) that were as strong as the 110V AC pump we had used before. When we finally found the 12 volt pump that would work for the filter,  we noticed the angle of the new pump’s output caused extremely inefficient water flow and unnecessary noise. We know there’s room for improvement and believe that with a new piece to redirect the flow of water, all of these issues can be fixed with time.




We’re doing our best to perfect the EcoQube within the coming weeks so that in the end, we can give you a quality product that we’re proud of. Kevin will be visiting our manufacturers on July 22 to ensure that everything is fixed while the same standard of aesthetics and structural integrity is maintained. He will stay with them until the final product is complete and ready to be shipped.

As for the timeline for delivery, we have to consult our manufacturers to see exactly how long the modifications will take before giving a more accurate estimate. But if the issues can be resolved within the next month, we will still be able to deliver the EcoQube to you before the end of October!

That’s it for now! Please feel free to message us directly if you have any questions!

We thank you so much  for your support and patience as we work towards our goal of introducing the EcoQube and aquaponics to the world!

Top Box.jpg


Team ADI

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