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Medication: Fenbendazole

Posted by Team ADI on

Hey All,

As we mentioned in the last post, we will be discussing in further details regarding our medicating regimes and what we use to help our fish heal from stress, wounds and to eradicate diseases in addition to providing them with optimal conditions via great filtration, flow etc.

What is it?

Fenbendazole is a chemical used in dog deworming medications such as Safeguard ( It started being utilized in the aquarium hobby by hobbyists in shrimp breeding eradicate planaria and hydra. A great post on how and why to use it in shrimp tanks by planetinverts here: And a brief post regarding Fenbendazole for fish was posted here in 2010:

In addition to Fenbendazole, we also raise the temperature, add small amounts of salt and adjust mineral content (Calcium, Magnesium, Total dissolved solids) according to the fish's preferences.

Why do you care? How do you use it?

Fenbendazole is effective and cheap! Minimal dosages can result in the cure of your fish! Given optimal conditions, 2-3 treatments of 1/32 teaspoon for 100 gallons every 3 days is all that is needed! We go by 1 small tweezer pinch for 20 gallons.

Since it was originally used for sensitive Crystal Red Shrimp, it is extremely safe for all of your livestock excluding snails. Hungry fish feed on it and turn out completely fine!

(Important!: may harm snails in larger dosages and can be removed with activated carbon.)

When was it discovered?

We began using Fenbendazole with our high-quality Crystal Red Shrimp back in 2008 and have continued to use the medication ever since. In a somewhat accidental fashion in 2010, we realized fenbendazole was extremely effective in assisting fish to fight off most protozoan as well as parasitic illnesses such as ich, heximita and many others listed here:

We've personally only treated ich with fenbendazole as ich is the most common disease that comes up but we strongly believe it may be just as effective with other parasites alike.

Where was it used+ by Who?

After our discovery of fenbendazole and its effectiveness against ich, we introduced it to many members of the San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society ( ) community as well as the renowned Aqua Design Amano Dealer/Distributor-Aqua Forest Aquarium ( ) Many members of have been using it over the past 2 years now as well as Aqua Forest Aquarium in their quarantine tanks with little to no ill/side effects.

We hope sharing this information will save you all the time and money making this hobby more enjoyable!

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    Parasites nematodes worms in body comingout anus of fresh water fish! How can I save these fish!

  • Samantha Madrus on

    Thank you for this! My tank has a recent hydra explosion, and I need them gone!!! The tank contains neocaridina’s, 3 guppies, and about a dozen Sulawesi rabbit snails.
    Do I need to remove any of these livestock before treatment?

  • Michael on

    Hi there I’m wanting to use fenbendazole to treat my tank how many grams would I use for a 1000 litre tank as it’s say use 1 teaspoon = 100 gallons but how big it one teaspoon in grams.

  • Mahsa on

    Please advise if it is useful for marine aquarium fish. If yes please advise the proper dosage. I want to test it in Regal angelfish.

  • John on

    Hi, do you use fenbendazole in a tank with shrimp in it? I understand that snails should be removed.

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