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Panda Corydoras

Posted by E- dizzle on

The Panda Cory is a species of catfish in the corydoras family. They are found in the tributaries of larger river systems in Central and South America. Panda Cories require an environment with plenty of hiding places, which fortunately are abundant in planted tanks. However, because Panda Cories are at home in rivers fed by meltwater from the Andes mountain range, they are more adaptable to cooler temperatures than most “tropical” fish.

Panda cories feed by sifting sediment with their mouths and digging for food. As a result the sediment should be routinely cleaned to reduce stress and minimize the possibility of stress and disease. Additionally, substrate should be limited to smooth sand or gravel to reduce damage to the sensitive barbels.


Like other members of the corydoras family, Panda Cories are highly social and require other individuals in the same tank in order to thrive. Eight individuals is the soft minimum number of individuals that should be housed together, with that number increasing depending on the size of the tank. In the absence of other Cories, they also readily associate with clown loaches and will school together. When setting up an aquarium for Cories, make sure there is plenty of cover with plants and driftwood.

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