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Success: The One Important Factor We Always Overlook

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We were just like you!

In the pursuit of success in our career, we push ourselves beyond our limits for others but not for ourselves. This relentless pursuit has compromised our overall wellbeing and productivity over time. Gradually, it caught our attention and we learned how much the work environment had over our wellness and productivity which was articulately described in this post about plants improving productivity. We learned from statistics too, that greenery contributes a significant role in determining our wellness and productivity by about 15%!

We looked hard for a beautiful way to add greenery to our desks. We ran into gorgeous sceneries of nature, all contained in an aquarium.

"It was like taking a breath of fresh air." -Kevin Liang, Co-founder of ADI

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Just look at that view! (yes, that's an aquarium! Fish become birds in this natural world)

Impressed? Check this out! It'll definitely be worth your time!



Steps to achieve such an impressive aquarium:

Magnificent as it is, the aquarium was extremely complex!

You'll need:

1) $300 CO2 systems for photosynthesis:

2) Complex filtration and bulky UV sterilizer:

3) Expensive aquarium plants, messy soil that doesn't always last and worst of all, the hours of maintenance in pruning the aquascaped gardens!


In 2012, we learned about the revolutionary yet simple technique of aquaponics while doing research at one of the largest aquaponics farms in the US!

We learned from our research, aquaponics systems grow food like leafy greens with 90% less water, at twice the speed, with just half the amount of space! No pesticides. No fertilizers. Aquaponics is the future for urban living.

We experimented and sought ways for years to do away with the fuss and technical knowledge required to build beautiful low maintenance ecosystems so that everyone can set up their very own aquariums easily. Our efforts paid off - the EcoQube C was invented and it has become the easiest way to create an ecosystem!

Now, more than 8000 people all over the world are enjoying the lowest maintenance aquarium ever and this community is still growing, tremendously!

Learn more about the EcoQube below! =)

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