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Manufacturing Experts: How The World's Most Compact Aquarium Is Made

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The thought of setting up an Aquarium turns you off. The complexity and technical terms of an Aquarium gives you a headache. But, you still desire to have one anyway. This is why Aqua Design Innovations (ADI) have designed and invented the EcoQube C, which is the World's most compact and simple aquarium, just for you.

The EcoQube C

Invented by Aqua Design Innovations (ADI), the EcoQube C transcended the traditional boundaries of an Aquarium. With the intention of introducing aquaponics and aquariums to amateurs, the EcoQube C requires no prior technical knowledge to get started plug the socket in, aquascape your tank, fill it with water and you will then have a fully functioning aquarium. As simple as it sounds, years of experience and brilliant innovations have been invested into this luxury aquarium and it is definitely worth the space in your home.

The Birth of the EcoQube C

Founder of ADI, Kevin Liang had the opportunity to do research at Solutions Farms, one of the biggest aquaponics farm in the US, located in Vista, CA. He learned the importance of aquaponics and realized the need to get this revolutionary concept in front of more people than ever. With this intention in mind, being the aquarium enthusiast Kevin already is, he integrated aquaponics into aquariums, which led to the invention of the EcoQube C.


To learn more about the importance of aquaponics, check out this video that our friend Kevin Gorham from Solutions Farms have shared:

Manufacturing the EcoQube C

The EcoQube C is manufactured in Shenzhen, China for the very reason that they have engineering and manufacturing specialists, enabling each and every EcoQube C manufactured to be of superior quality. Their expertise in the field of manufacturing aquariums provide additional inputs to improve the EcoQube C as well as their attention to detail ensures each EcoQube C produced is flawless.

Variables like temperature, heat distribution/evenness of the steel molds and many other parameters are adjusted before every production because once production begins, it can't stop. Once the machines stop, everything has to be completely readjusted again. ADI has invested in various precision laser cutting machines and polishing machines to ensure each and every part of the EcoQube C to be precise down to the millimeter so that the performance of the end-product would be at its optimum. This is to ensure minimum production runs!

Our Laser Cutting Machines

Manufacturing is a very complicated process, especially when dealing with 20+ individual components which are then used to manually handcraft and assemble the EcoQube C. We've spent a full eight weeks in Asia. Of those eight weeks, 5 full weeks were spent at the factory itself to work with the dozen suppliers, engineers, and production line workers to come up with the best methods to create the perfect EcoQube C.

Custom acrylic heat molds are created to ensure every filter dividers are perfect and uniform!
Example of two types of acrylicsåÊthat we have chosen from different suppliers -guess which one is used for the EcoQube C?

We've experimented with many different components of varying qualities and after countless trial and errors, we've finally decided on the individual components that will make the EcoQube C! Now they're coming off the production line looking like a work of art.

Your feedback is important!

Even during the midst of manufacturing phase, after some of our supporters have tested out the prototypes of the EcoQube C, they gave priceless genuine feedback, for which we hold high regard for and implement changes to the product, immediately to ensure ALL of our supporters get only the most functional EcoQube C.

Even knowing manufacturing an additional piece would be costly, we went ahead with it anyway.

With feedback of the speed of water output from the pump being too fast, we immediately sought remedies with our engineers to immediately manufacture an output filter to disperse the flow of water to reduce the speed of water flow, making the EcoQube C an ideal aquarium for freshwater fishes to live in. Therefore, even now, months after the first production, whenever a feedback makes the EcoQube C a more ideal desktop aquarium, we will implement it immediately to ensure all our supporters get the best luxury desktop aquarium.

The Green Factor

With every factory we visited and chose to work with, we paid extra attention to the way their factories are run, the way they dispose of their trash and how happy the employees working there are. We're extremely proud to be working with only factories that pay their employees above average wages and have sustainable practices. We literally spent an entire day researching whether the wood we're importing for our aquariums is sustainably harvested. Then we confirmed on using only recycled plastic and aluminum for the EcoQube C. We're super proud of this.

After considering everything discussed above and our dedication to delivering a perfect product to everyone, we changed our original plans and made the move to be as vertically integrated as possible (from purchasing the machines to working very closely with a SMALL manufacturer in China) so we have FULL control over as many parts as possible and can create the very best product by being able to make changes on the fly to improve the EcoQube and deliver on time.

With the best people handcrafting the EcoQube C, it is no wonder such an exquisite product is now on the desks of more than 8000 awesome supporters of this luxury desktop aquarium and oh how they have benefited from this!

Your search is over because now, everyone will be able to own a piece of nature right in the comforts of their home and Aqua Design Innovations will definitely be at the forefront in bringing this luxury to you!

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