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The One Thing that will make you happier and more productive (at work).

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In our all-too-sterile modern office environments, sometimes the only other living things (besides your coworkers) are the often neglected houseplants that take up the odd corner or windowsill. And in many cubicles and office spaces, there isn't even a tiny patch of green to help enliven the work environment. That's too bad because it's been shown that having those potted plants around can have a restorative effect on our brains, which could also boost our productivity.

Eventually, every task you perform becomes mundane and the quality of your work becomes a disaster. Here are problems as to why you are not excelling in your work and we have recommended proven ways to remedy those problems.


Your wellbeing is not taken care of properly!

A 2010 report from the Center for American Progress and the Hastings Center for Worklife Law found that overwork was a particular problem among professionals:

14% of women and 38% of men were working more than fifty hours a week

Is this you? You drown yourself in neverending work, with little time to take a breather. Unknowingly, your mental and emotional wellbeing have been shaken and have become more fragile.


What can be done to remedy such a situation?

A Texas State University study found that for office workers, having just a brief glance of green into the distance through a window or a live plant right in front of their desk were generally associated with higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels. Team members were happier and had lower levels of anxiety and depression as compared to their previous jobs which offered no green spaces.


Apple's New Headquarters
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Your productivity has been on the decline and you don't know why.

Looking back when you first started on a high for your job, your performance stood out among your peers. However, as time passes, you realized the higher-ups began to voice out their displeasure on your performance. Everything was the same as when you initially started but have overworking and stress to meet goals led to a decrease in your productivity and is there a way to make things right again?

A study titled Restorative Elements at the Computer Workstation: A Comparison of Live Plants and Inanimate Objects With and Without Window View, explains that having on your desk - a plant or an inanimate object breaks up the monotony of your tasks and have a restorative effect on our brains, which could also boost productivity.


Google's Office in Dublin, Ireland 
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This is why green spaces are becoming crucial to an individual's performance in the workplace and large corporations such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have integrated nature into their offices. Although we do not have the chance to work with such nature-loving corporations, we can still do ourselves a favor and add our own piece of nature on our work desks too!


Microsoft's Office in Vienna, Austria
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In fact, we have summarized statistics on how green spaces can benefit you.

Participants living on blocks with 10% fewer green areas than the average were more likely to report stress and depression. The more green spaces surrounding you, the more stress-free you become!

  • Office Plants boosts our productivity by 15%!
  • A study of 345,143 GP records in the Netherlands indicated that the annual prevalence rates for 15 of 24 chosen disease clusters were lower where there was more green space within 1km.
  • Every 10% increase in green space is associated with a reduction in diseases equivalent to an increase of five years of life expectancy.

Research have proven that the benefits of green spaces lingered. Participants who'd moved to greener areas showed higher mental health scores for a full three years even after their relocation! The best thing you can do for yourself is to look after yourself or at least let the green spaces work its magic for you!

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