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Simple, Self-Sustainable Ecosystems

We at EcoQube are dedicated to bringing you the most beautiful and low maintenance way to keep a piece of nature in any space!

Every product is designed to be:

  • Beautiful
  • All-in-one
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact

Honest Reviews from Real Customers

Self-Sustaining Aquarium - EcoQube C

EcoQube C is your start to bringing a beautiful ecosystem into any space.

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Automatic and Easy to Maintain

The heart of the EcoQube C is the aquaponics filter, which uses plants like Basil or Mint to keep your aquarium clean. Never change your filter!

Compact and Silent - Perfect for Any Space

The new beautifully integrated design is durable, portable, and compact - perfect for any space.


Beautiful and Customizable

Make your EcoQube C unique with your own fish and tank accessories. We also offer add-ons that allow you to upgrade your tank even further.

Adjust Lighting Automatically

Completely customize your LED lighting from accross the room with the included remote.


Hear What the Experts Have to Say

“I’ve never seen a product as well figured out and detail oriented as the filter on the EcoQube. It’s a fantastic way to keep the filter clean”
Ike Eigenbrode, Chief of Operations at Current USA & Ecoxotic

“Because of the basil and aquaponics, the water is staying clear. The EcoQube is beutiful and I’d buy one again in a heartbeat."
R. Bouley, Tech Time Informer

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Bring a beautiful ecosystem into any space.

Our mission is to reconnect people with our environment. We see that our world is facing some serious issues in terms of food and water shortages, and we want to be a part of the change for the better.

  • Innovation - Never stop looking for new ways to innovate with nature.
  • Connect to Nature - Become connected with nature to improve our well being.
  • Solve Problems Together - Solve grand challenges together to change Earth
  • Sustainability - Grow a sustainable agriculture movement to feed the world.